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At Studio One we love Pilates!

Explore our range of Pilates classes, run by our brilliant team of highly qualified and motivating instructors. We cater for all ages and fitness levels, from beginner Pilates to advanced matwork,so there is sure to be a class to suit you. Our Nettlebed based studio is easily accessible from Henley-On-Thames, Wallingford and surrounding villages.

Pilates is very closely based upon the method of body-conditioning developed by the late Joseph Pilates. It is an exercise method that relies on strengthening core postural muscles and developing body alignment. It avoids muscle and ligament damage, sometimes associated with other fitness regimes. Every exercise is built around its eight basic principles: relaxation, breathing, alignment, centering, concentration, coordination, flowing movements, and stamina.


Group Pilates Classes - Matwork

Pilates is remarkably effective and medically approved. Your body awareness is heightened by bringing together the mind and body, allowing you to be in control of your body, handle stress more effectively, and achieve relaxation. The method can work for everyone regardless of fitness and our range of group classes cater for all abilities, from beginner Pilates students, to advanced, to those looking for Pilates for seniors.

Its consistent success rate in solving joint pain and back problems has bought it to the attention of osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and homeopathic doctors. Through the prescribed exercise routines, we retrain the body to work efficiently with minimal effort and no tension. Stamina and coordination are improved. The body comes into perfect balance and alignment, the immune system is stimulated, and the level of general health very often rises because the internal organs can now sit and function correctly. After working with the method for a period of time, you will notice improved posture and alignment.

Pilates for Men

Is Pilates for men too? Consider this...

Pilates was started by a man, Joseph Pilates. Though men have always been part of the Pilates scene, the surge of popularity Pilates has enjoyed in recent years has been powered to a large extent by a wave of women participants and instructors, leaving some with the impression that the Pilates method is more for women.

Perhaps you play golf, or some other form of sport, or you wish to increase your activity or improve your flexibility. Studio One offers men only and mixed sessions at a beginners, improvers or intermediate level. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, we offer the first session free so you can come along before committing to a course.

Pre-Natal Pilates and Post-Natal Pilates

Studio One offers classes with specially qualified pre-natal Pilates and post-natal Pilates instructors.

Small group pregnancy Pilates sessions are specifically designed to strengthen your core, support your lower back and tone your pelvic floor, to help build the necessary strength of muscles around your pelvis. Sessions include release for tight areas and for any joint/muscle issues throughout your pregnancy.

Post-natal Pilates classes are suitable after your 6-week check and after clearance from your GP. These classes will help you tone up after birth, build up your pelvic floor muscles and your core strength and gently help your body get back into exercise and movement.

There are so many benefits of continuing to exercise during and after pregnancy including reduced risk of lower back pain, reduced maternal weight gain, improved circulation, quicker post-natal recovery, improved posture and increased energy levels.

advanced pilates - Classical Matwork

This is an advanced Pilates small group session mainly working on the classical matwork repertoire but with lots of variations. The class works at a deliberate pace to ensure correct technique with bursts of fast pace.

This session also includes stretches and mobility exercises mixing up the combinations and sometimes breaking an exercise down into smaller sections. Every week is different, and each class works the whole body. At the end of each block, the whole sequence is performed from start to finish. Joseph Pilates would be proud!

Online Pilates Classes

Many of our classes have the option to join them either face to face or online. If you are looking for an online Pilates class, please check our timetable to see if your preferred session is available to access remotely or contact us for more information.

Private Pilates Sessions

Our highly qualified team of Pilates instructors offer one-to-one training for those looking for private Pilates classes.

Read about our instructor backgrounds and qualifications on the Team page and use the contact form request advice or to book a session.

What people say about us

"Sarah at Studio One is wonderful, I have tried several Pilates classes before and either felt I didn’t work hard enough or wasn't inspired. Sarah challenges you but in a fantastic upbeat way. I always feel better after I've been. I couldn't recommend Studio One highly enough"

Richard Hansen - 09/10/2020

Get in touch to enquire about our Pilates classes in Nettlebed, Oxfordshire.